General Info

SHPS general membership is open to everyone.  We meet monthly and host special events throughout the year, including public events which all of our members are welcome to attend.  Monthly meetings provide a wide variety of educational opportunities, including topics from Crop Circles and Ancient Aliens to Geo-magnetic influences on the human psyche and Cellular memory.

SHPS does not limit itself to “ghost hunting” and in fact, we prefer the term “paranormal researcher”.  Though most of our cases are initially reported as “hauntings” we have come to find over the years that there are many other paranormal and not-so-paranormal associations with similar characteristics of activity.  We choose to explore all facets of paranormal and metaphysical activity, including cryptozoology, Fortean sciences (UFO’s), consciousness, etc.

SHPS members are expected to stay current on dues, which are $5 per month and are collected at monthly meetings or via paypal through our meetup site.  Though dues are vital to helping with our admin costs, everyone is encouraged to attend SHPS open functions even if you can’t contribute financially.  We welcome your time, experience, and value our members’ insight and discussion.

However, in order to be considered for membership in the I-team, and as a requirement for attendance at ANY field investigation, members must be current on dues and have attended at least one of the two meetings immediately preceding the investigation.  I-team members are held to a higher level of commitment and involvement than our general membership, and as such, are integral members of SHPS.