SHPS Mission

Seven Hills Paranormal Society (SHPS) is an investigative group dedicated to the research of anomalous experience through scientific means. Our purpose is to provide reasonable and rational explanation or hypothesis for paranormal activity through multi-media observation and recording techniques. In cases where such evidence cannot provide a satisfactory conclusion, our goal is to refer clients to agents more suited to their individual needs.


Seven Hills Paranormal Society (SHPS) was founded in 2006 as a paranormal research group serving Lynchburg, Southside and Southwest VA, as well as eastern parts of West Virginia and Tennessee.

Since our inception, our members have investigated claims of paranormal activity throughout the US, and have been proactive in establishing experimental investigative techniques in the research of revolutionary paranormal theories.  SHPS is a proud founding member of the National Paranormal Coalition (, and is involved with several paranormal and metaphysical conferences, seminars and workshops throughout the state of VA.

Our membership is an eclectic group of truth-seekers with widely varied cultures and backgrounds; electricians, carpenters, musicians, teachers, ministers, etc.  It is this broad spectrum of interest, education, and personal belief systems that encourages SHPS to grow and expand our own awareness of and hypothesis for the “unexplained”.

SHPS typically conducts field investigations bi-monthly, and we also hold monthly training/discussion groups.  Public open houses are held annually to reveal and discuss our findings, and public workshops are offered throughout the year in conjunction with area partners for educational purposes.  Monthly meetings are open to anyone of interest, but investigations are limited to the trained investigation team with the possibility of open spaces for new members on an approved and trial basis, as long as I-team requirements are met (please see the I-Team page under Membership.