Our Ideology

SHPS approaches each case as a unique set of challenges.  We are sensitive to our clients’ emotional and spiritual needs, and we work to ensure these needs are met in the most constructive manner possible.

We understand that coming to terms with the notion that there may be forces beyond our own beliefs is a very difficult step for many people.  Discretion and professionalism are our utmost concern, and case details remain confidential unless authorized by our clients to share publicly.

SHPS considers only tangible and measurable anomaly when presenting “evidence” of paranormal activity.  Though we do not automatically discount personal experiences, they are not used as basis for consideration of paranormal activity.  SHPS’ membership consists of varied personal belief systems, but all our investigators recognize the importance of standardized protocol while on vigil.  Mediums, sensitives and intuitives are welcome within SHPS’ membership, but such persons are expected to follow the scientifically-based protocols set forward by SHPS.  ‘Evidence” based on intuition or claimed personal experience, though it may be archived, is generally not presented in SHPS’ case studies.